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What is Your Animal Guide?

The concept of having an animal as a spirit guide in the physical world is not a new one. Many cultures respect and refer the place and power of animals in both the physical and metaphysical realms. One of the best known cultures belongs to the Native Americans, who have long believed that a spirit animal can serve as a guide through life and can help to transport the soul after life ends.

In astrology, an animal guide appears in many branches of astrology, from Shamanic astrology to Celtic astrology to the Chinese Zodiac. In this article, learn more about what an animal guide is and does and how to discover your personal animal guide.

Animal Guides Defined

In some traditions, the animal guide is called a “spirit animal.” In others, there are references to an “animal helper” or “totem animal.” Each of these references points to approximately the same concept – that of an animal companion to guide and teach a human counterpart.

Several basic concepts hold true regardless of the specific astrological tradition. First, the animal guide picks their human counterpart – it does not work the other way around. Second, the animal guide can stay present for a long time, appear for just a brief period of time and even reappear intermittently throughout a person’s life. And third, the animal guide will find a way to reveal its presence either in daily life, in meditation, in dreams or in other ways.

Animal Guide

Learning From An Animal Guide

Each animal guide has different qualities and lessons to impart. As such, an animal guide has no limits to what lessons it can offer. The only limits come from what their human counterpart is willing or able to learn.

The animal guide may appear at key moments in life as a sign to move forward, hold back, make a specific choice, wait patiently for a little longer, provide reassurance and comfort or even deliver messages of caution or warning.

In this way, once the animal guide has been identified, it can be very helpful to learn as much as possible about that animal’s natural ways in life. Studying where the animal lives, what it eats, how it chooses a mate, whether it leads a solitary or pack life, how it hunts, what special abilities or instincts it possesses and how it passes from life can all provide deep insights into life from a human perspective.

Despite the human tendency to categorize or classify some animals as above or below others, in the realm of animal guides all animals have equal value and worth. Each animal has unique lessons to impart. An animal guide may choose to pair with a human counterpart for a specific reason, which is ultimately to the good of the person who has an openness to learning what that animal guide can teach.

Animal Guides in Astrology

Animal guides appear in different ways in different branches of astrology. For example, in the Chinese Zodiac system, there are 12 animals that each correspond to a specific year in a 12-year cycle. When one 12-year cycle concludes, another begins and the first year of the new cycle returns to the first of the 12 animals, which are the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog and the pig. The year a person is born indicates that person’s birth animal guide.

In the Native American tradition, each person has a birth totem animal, or animal guide, that serves a similar role as the birth zodiac sign. A totem animal stays with the individual throughout life in spirit form as a guide and mentor. It is also possible to have an additional animal guide aside from the birth totem animal, if needed.

In the Mayan tradition, the birth totem animal is called a Nahual. However, the Nahual is associate with the date and time of the person’s birth as it is in the Native American system.

Animals in physical or spirit form also show up in other complementary psychic traditions, such as Feng Shui, tarot (“ta-roe”) and oracle readings. Certain spiritual disciplines also place more importance on the presence of animals in both the physical and spiritual realms, recognizing them as messengers and guides with ultimately benevolent intent.

The Celtic tradition also recognizes the presence of animal helpers. In this approach, trees and plants are also recognized to have the power to impart guidance, knowledge and wisdom.

Learning about animal guides can be a rich and rewarding undertaking. When non-human beings appear during an astrological reading, their presence is deliberate and has much to teach. Since the animal guide chooses the person, remaining open to receiving message from non-human beings can be an essential aspect of becoming aware of the presence of the animal guide. Whether you receive visits from your animal guide in the physical world during your waking hours, in dreams or sleep or through an astrological reading, you will be able to receive your animal guide’s blessings and benefits.

What is the Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium?

Two words whose meanings have been muddied by pop culture and a reduction of spiritual senses to parlor tricks, psychic and medium are similar but not-at-all-interchangeable terms used to describe two types of extrasensory users. Both psychics and mediums rely upon a higher plane of understanding and a use of unusual, even supernatural abilities. However, much of the similarity stops here.

While both psychics and mediums differ from magicians and provide services far beyond parlor tricks, they cannot be considered the same profession, and in fact offer almost none of the same services. In the broadest sense, psychics are concerned with the living, while mediums are concerned with the dead.

A psychic uses their abilities to discover information about a person, place or thing that is not otherwise available. All psychics are concerned with events, either past, present, or future. Some of the most important work done by psychics is in discerning concurrent events, that is, things occurring in the same time frame as the psychic reading.

Often police psychics will be asked to use their abilities to reach into the present and find the location of a killer, or a body. Psychics do readings wherein they obtain this special information and then impart it upon those who have sought their services. This information might be obtained through spiritual vibrations that the psychic is able to interpret, or through their direct access of a higher plane.

Psychic and a Medium

It is up for debate even between psychics just what the origin of their mystic knowledge is. There are also many types of psychics including clairvoyants, who see these events, and clairempaths, who “feel” the emotional experience. Clairempaths are often concerned with auras and spirit profiles. There are many more specialized types of psychics as well such as clairgustants, who can taste their way through the nature of a subject.

All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. The primary service of a medium is the evocation of a spirit, usually a departed friend or loved one. The medium both calls forth the spirit, and acts a vessel for it to communicate. Mediums do no bring the dead back to life, which is the dastardly work of a necromancer, a type of dark magician.

Similarly, mediums do not conjure a spirit up as a psychical manifestation or a “ghost,” which is the work of a summoner or other magician. Mediums are not magicians but rather a specialized type of psychic who uses their psychic ability and knowledge to reach the Other Side rather than a plane of understanding. Those who believe in spiritual vibrations believe that evocation is simply another technique to interpret said vibrations.

Mediums do not talk to the dead themselves but act as the dead, saying their words and acting their motions for the duration of the evocation. People who wish to communicate with the departed will hire the services of a medium, who is essentially not present themselves during the communication, being replaced with the evoked spirit.

Psychic services are almost entirely forms of readings: tarot card reading, palm reading, aural reading, crystal ball reading, etc. Psychics may also sell remedies and potions, charms, herbs, incense, candles, and other items used to perform rituals and for spiritual healing. Some psychics may also offer spiritual healing themselves, the lifting of curses, psychic advice, charms, spells, and many other services all based around betterment of an individual.

Mediums provide no such services, often limited simply to channeling. However, channeling is a vastly more difficult and energy-consuming task, and some mediums even put themselves in danger to evoke particularly powerful spirits, sometimes even demons.

The breadth of a mediums abilities and the services they offer vary greatly from medium to medium and from belief to belief, but in general you will find mediums are much sparse with services offered, and often tailor specifically what they do from client to client. For instance, a medium might see one client as a family group in their regular chambers, intending to contact grandpa and have a heartfelt exchange.

The same medium might be asked to come to a place that is being tormented by a spirit or a haunting, and is therefore flooded with negative energy, and the medium might be asked to pull forth that spirit.

While psychics and mediums both provide and invaluable service for those seeking answers, their abilities greatly differ as well as what they can offer. A psychic is concerned with bettering the living and answering their questions, while a medium is concerned with evoking the dead and giving them a chance to speak for themselves.

Intuition vs Psychic Ability: What Is The Difference?

Most people closely associate the concepts of intuition and psychic ability. While both skills deal with precognition and a connection to the greater fabric of the world, there are some crucial differences between them. However, those not in the know are inclined to use the terms interchangeably, or to assume they mean the same thing when in fact, they do not.

In the broadest sense, intuition is a general hunch or a feeling of knowing past, current or future events without an obvious source for that knowledge. That source is, in fact, insight, which is derived from a number of internal sources. General is the keyword concerning intuition, as intuition is almost always a broad and nonspecific feeling, which most people know as their “gut feeling.”

If your senses are telling you not to go out at night, that is a gut feeling, especially if you can’t explain why. Being drawn to a particular person that you don’t know, having a sense of urgency about a task with no prompting, things like these are exemplary of day-to-day intuition in the life of a regular person. Everyone is naturally intuitive and will often have moments of intuition whether or not they believe in such things, and though this skill can be explored and strengthened, like with everything else, some people are just more naturally intuitive and in-sync with their intuitions.

Psychic Ability

Psychic ability, meanwhile, is a very different beast. Psychic ability, like intuition, occurs naturally within people, but also like intuition is can be honed in on and strengthened. Psychic ability is, in fact, somewhat based on intuition, as at its core the ability is still based on precognition and knowings of the transpiration of events without a source.

However, psychic ability is much more specific and distinct, with many different varieties all expanding on the core function of information obtained through insight alone, that is, from looking into oneself and using one’s own abilities without relying on the word of others or any outside information. Psychic ability allows one to derive special information such as the nature of a stranger or the purpose of an object, much more specific and applicable information than intuition, and also more difficult to explain the origin of.

Psychic ability is extremely far reaching, with some psychics able to use clairvoyance to see events, or clairsentience, to detect sensations and thoughts. Psychic ability can play off of any of the senses, and many different types of psychics use their abilities to find information in many different ways.

Psychic ability is much more specialized than intuition and almost always requires some form of training or honing of powers. Psychics around the world have countless different methodologies to train their ability and to better sense that which ordinary people cannot. While anybody can hone their intuition with some practice, increasing psychic ability takes time and dedication, and usually some small amount of natural giftedness goes a long way in developing a psychic.

Another major difference between intuition and psychic ability lies in what form of insight is used to derive the information. Both intuition and psychic ability require the user to turn inward rather than outward for information. However, intuition uses a much more organic form based on cognitive functions as opposed to psychic ability, which reaches beyond the scope of ordinary ability and essentially accesses a higher plane of knowing.

To explain further, intuition simply uses learned knowledge, prior experience and an understanding of others in order to predict events. This explains the generalized nature of insight, and its limited application, as insight cannot be applied towards a situation wherein the subject has no prior experience. To put it plainly, insight lacks any of the magic or transcendence of psychic ability. This ability does not use knowledge on the part of the user, but rather reaches through the user to that “higher plane” and outputs the knowledge that is obtained through the senses, different for each psychic.

While laymen might consider intuition and psychic ability two sides of the same coin, or perhaps even the same side, in truth they are vastly different with some surface similarities. While intuition can be greatly useful for navigating the precarious situations of day-to-day life, it is psychic ability that goes beyond the vale and lifts the curtains concealing higher knowledge, and imparts that knowledge onto the user.

It is psychic ability that can answer questions that cannot be answered through ordinary means, that can transcend possibility and deliver new and exciting abilities and information that can scarcely be believed.

What is a Horoscope?

The word “horoscope” is used in two different ways. The most common use of the word applies to the predictions people read online or in the newspaper based on the month in which they were born. In reality, horoscopes were not originally designed to attempt to predict the future. While these common horoscopes are fun to read, they are more novelty than true horoscopes.

The other type of horoscope, the type that is least know to the population at large, is a chart that is created based on the exact time and place the person was born. That chart uses the positions of the various celestial bodies to determine a person’s personality. With this information, a person can learn more about who they are, and how they would interact with other types of people. A true horoscope is customized to each person to match their exact time, date and place of birth.

The main purpose of astrology is to determine each person’s horoscope and help people to learn more about themselves. Astrology believes that the way a person acts and thinks has to do with how space was arranged the moment they were born. If you are a thoughtful person who prefers quiet conversation, then your horoscope will put that into astrological terms and help you to determine what types of people you would prefer to associate with.

The physical horoscope is a chart that lists the positions of the planets based on your date and time of birth. The astrologer then uses your place of birth to complete your comprehensive horoscope.

The horoscopes you read in the newspapers are generalizations based on the day they were printed. Without the time and place of your birth, a horoscope is incomplete. However, many people find that the horoscopes they read that describe their personalities based on the date they were born are very accurate. That is because each part of a horoscope has generalized characteristics that apply to anyone who was born on that day and month. It is the time and place of your birth that make your horoscope unique.

To best understand the elements of a horoscope, it helps to list those elements and explain their purpose. The position of the sun is important because it gives insight into our life goals and the kinds of things we want to accomplish. The position of the moon at our birth indicates how we use emotion to respond to various situations. This is the element that indicates how we feel in various situations.

What is a Horoscope

After the sun and the moon, a horoscope moves to the original eight planets that made up the solar system several years ago. This means that the small planet of Pluto is still considered a critical element to completing an accurate horoscope. Pluto indicates our growth by learning more about ourselves, while the other small planet of Mercury indicates the ways we prefer to express ourselves.

The position of Venus at our birth gives insight into how we prefer to relate to others, while Mars helps us to understand why we use our talents and energy to pursue our goals. The position of Jupiter indicates how we learn more about our surroundings through personal exploration, and Saturn is a strong indicator of how much self-control and discipline we possess.

The position of Uranus is an indication of our creativity. It indicates in what ways we are unique from others, and how we prefer to develop our unique characteristics. Neptune indicates the approaches we prefer to take to help others in a variety of situations. By paying close attention to Neptune, we can learn more about how we perceive others and our most common reactions to the struggles other people have.

Your birth date determines your zodiac sign, and they are not as generalized as you may have been lead to believe. While you can get a general idea of your sign from the day and month of your birth, only a real horoscope can determine your true sign.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are Cancer, Leo, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Your true zodiac sign will help you to compare your sign with others and determine which type of people you are most compatible with. Each sign has its own unique characteristics that are designed to give a general overview of a person’s personality. You can use signs to establish strong relationships and understand how you should interact with others.

The date, time and place you were born can help determine your exact personality. With the help of an astrologer, you can get an exact horoscope that will act as a true explanation of each aspect of your personality. Your horoscope tells you how you interact with people, how you solve problems and what types of people you will find easiest to get along with. A real horoscope can give you insight into yourself that can surprise you, and it can also answer a lot of questions you may have about who you are.

Can a Psychic Help You Find a New Career?

Your chosen field has not turned out to be as rewarding as you had hoped. Along with the lack of financial benefits, you also find that the work leaves you feeling less than fulfilled. A change is in order but you are not sure what kind of career would provide you with what you crave. Choosing to consult with a psychic equips you with the resources to identify possible career options and find one that ultimately becomes your life’s work. Here are some of the ways that the psychic will help.

Rediscovering Your Gifts and Talents

Every human being has natural talents and gifts. Somewhere along the way, you identified some of those talents and combined them with education and experience to get where you are today. As part of that process, you likely didn’t recognize certain qualities and aptitudes that had nothing to do with the type of work you do now.

A psychic has the ability to tap into your whole being. That means any latent talents or gifts that you possess but may not immediately recognize will be uncovered. As the session continues and the psychic mentions events in your past where you made use of those gifts in some way, you’ll begin to see how they could form the basis for new career possibilities. It may even be possible to use those previously untapped resources with your present work experience to come up with a brand new approach for building a business of your own.

Psychic Help You Find a New Career

Perceiving Your Abilities in Different Ways

One of the things that prevents people from reaching out and seeking new careers is that they have become convinced on some level that their skill sets are only helpful in one setting. For example, you may have the ability to connect with people easily and have utilized that gift to conduct training sessions with new clients. While you like the work, it doesn’t provide the sense of fulfillment you really want.

What if you could use that ability to connect with others in another capacity? As the psychic will explain, the talents you are already employing can be successfully utilized in another way. Perhaps you have the basic talent for selling or becoming a motivational speaker who conducts workshops.

Overcoming the Fear of Going for Your Personal Brass Ring

Another way that the psychic will help you is in the area of stepping into the unknown. Your present work may not be the most lucrative or provide the personal satisfaction you want, but it is stable and ensures that you don’t have to worry about how to pay the bills. By contrast, choosing to make a major change will involve a level of risk that triggers some amount of fear.

Psychics are concerned with more than where you are right this minute. As part of their support, they take into consideration where you’ve been and where you have the potential to go. When the sessions strongly point toward pursuing a career that involves utilizing your gifts more effectively, the psychic can provide you with some idea of how the change would impact your life. Pursuing your path could mean encountering some degree of adversity for a time, but it could also mean years of finally getting everything from a career that you’ve always wanted.

Acting When the Time is Right

Keep in mind that the psychic may sense that now is not the right time to make a change. There may be more that you need to experience or something that must happen before you move on to a different path. Perhaps now is the time to plant seeds for the future and come up with a plan of action that gradually moves you in the direction you need to go. In the meantime, the psychic may recommend hanging on to what you have, pursuing your plans on the side, and making the leap only when you honestly feel that you have learned everything you need to learn from your present circumstances.

For example, owning your own business may be where your path leads. Between now and the day you open the doors, it may be necessary for you to learn more about the practical aspects of ownership. Perhaps you need time to develop your latent skills in relating to potential customers. Maybe there must be a season of learning how to tap into your empathy for others and utilizing it to choose the right employees.

Remember is that the psychic cannot make the decision for you. What the psychic can do is help you become aware of what you have to work with right this minute, the inherent talents that you can choose to develop, and provide insight into how using those gifts can pave the way for a brighter and happier future. Ultimately, it is up to you to take the leap of faith, put the advice of the psychic to work for you, and make a decision of what to do next.