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Intuition vs Psychic Ability: What Is The Difference?

Most people closely associate the concepts of intuition and psychic ability. While both skills deal with precognition and a connection to the greater fabric of the world, there are some crucial differences between them. However, those not in the know are inclined to use the terms interchangeably, or to assume they mean the same thing when in fact, they do not.

In the broadest sense, intuition is a general hunch or a feeling of knowing past, current or future events without an obvious source for that knowledge. That source is, in fact, insight, which is derived from a number of internal sources. General is the keyword concerning intuition, as intuition is almost always a broad and nonspecific feeling, which most people know as their “gut feeling.”

If your senses are telling you not to go out at night, that is a gut feeling, especially if you can’t explain why. Being drawn to a particular person that you don’t know, having a sense of urgency about a task with no prompting, things like these are exemplary of day-to-day intuition in the life of a regular person. Everyone is naturally intuitive and will often have moments of intuition whether or not they believe in such things, and though this skill can be explored and strengthened, like with everything else, some people are just more naturally intuitive and in-sync with their intuitions.

Psychic Ability

Psychic ability, meanwhile, is a very different beast. Psychic ability, like intuition, occurs naturally within people, but also like intuition is can be honed in on and strengthened. Psychic ability is, in fact, somewhat based on intuition, as at its core the ability is still based on precognition and knowings of the transpiration of events without a source.

However, psychic ability is much more specific and distinct, with many different varieties all expanding on the core function of information obtained through insight alone, that is, from looking into oneself and using one’s own abilities without relying on the word of others or any outside information. Psychic ability allows one to derive special information such as the nature of a stranger or the purpose of an object, much more specific and applicable information than intuition, and also more difficult to explain the origin of.

Psychic ability is extremely far reaching, with some psychics able to use clairvoyance to see events, or clairsentience, to detect sensations and thoughts. Psychic ability can play off of any of the senses, and many different types of psychics use their abilities to find information in many different ways.

Psychic ability is much more specialized than intuition and almost always requires some form of training or honing of powers. Psychics around the world have countless different methodologies to train their ability and to better sense that which ordinary people cannot. While anybody can hone their intuition with some practice, increasing psychic ability takes time and dedication, and usually some small amount of natural giftedness goes a long way in developing a psychic.

Another major difference between intuition and psychic ability lies in what form of insight is used to derive the information. Both intuition and psychic ability require the user to turn inward rather than outward for information. However, intuition uses a much more organic form based on cognitive functions as opposed to psychic ability, which reaches beyond the scope of ordinary ability and essentially accesses a higher plane of knowing.

To explain further, intuition simply uses learned knowledge, prior experience and an understanding of others in order to predict events. This explains the generalized nature of insight, and its limited application, as insight cannot be applied towards a situation wherein the subject has no prior experience. To put it plainly, insight lacks any of the magic or transcendence of psychic ability. This ability does not use knowledge on the part of the user, but rather reaches through the user to that “higher plane” and outputs the knowledge that is obtained through the senses, different for each psychic.

While laymen might consider intuition and psychic ability two sides of the same coin, or perhaps even the same side, in truth they are vastly different with some surface similarities. While intuition can be greatly useful for navigating the precarious situations of day-to-day life, it is psychic ability that goes beyond the vale and lifts the curtains concealing higher knowledge, and imparts that knowledge onto the user.

It is psychic ability that can answer questions that cannot be answered through ordinary means, that can transcend possibility and deliver new and exciting abilities and information that can scarcely be believed.