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About Us

Welcome to Psychic Chats Online. My name is Bobbi, and helping people align their lives with the spirits and get in tune with the life that was meant for them has always been important to me. As a teen, I was always volunteering and endeavoring to help those who were not spiritually connected to the world around them. I was not sure what a true clairvoyant was, but at this point in my life, I felt that there was a deeper connection to the spirit world than many of us are aware of.

When I would have a deep conversation with another soul, I would often sense colors, odors, or even have a strange taste in my mouth that related to the spirits that we were discussing. Not all of my interactions would be with spirits; in fact, once when I was discussing a friend’s grandfather, I began feeling pain in my knees as well. He had recently undergone a knee transplant surgery, and I was able to sense that he had knee issues without ever being told.

As I grew into adulthood, it became clear that I had a spiritual connection to others that is rare. I wanted to use my ability to help others make peace with their current situation in life. To accomplish this feat, I decided to search for other individuals who had similar abilities. Not all clairvoyant individuals interact with the spirit world and the memories of the living in the same way, so having a wide range of abilities was important to makes sure that we could connect with a large audience of individuals who could benefit from our gifts.

Not every psychic will meld with your specific needs, so I created Psychic Chats Online as a location where individuals in need can go and search for a psychic that connects with you. Bios and reviews are important of course, so we do have bios for each of our psychic advisors, but the best results stem from a real spiritual connection.